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 How can I get a commission?

As of now, commissions post in my Facebook group (link on bottom of the main page) in an album during stocking times.

How can I order?

New art will be posted on this site during drops, which are presently every two weeks. Stocking info is posted at the top of the home page, and also posted in my Facebook group.

Commissions are posted in an album in my Facebook group. Surprises will be occasionally posted to my Facebook group as well.

I tried to order, but it says it sold out. Why didn't my cart hold?

Shopify doesn't hold any items in carts. It is first come, first serve; with the fastest to check out getting the item. Your best chance is to create an account ahead of time, make sure to have all correct info listed, and log on ahead of time. 

    How long can I expect my order to arrive?

    I typically ship the next day after stocking, or upon finishing a commission. I ship USPS First Class, unless there is weight overage, then I will ship USPS Priority Mail. You, of course, can choose Priority if you'd prefer. 

    How much is your work?

    My prices are determined by the amount of time it takes me to complete and materials used. Most pieces range from $75-$175, with larger sculptures ranging from $200 and up.

    What materials are used in your work?

    I use a variety of professional polymer clays (Sculpey Premo, Super Sculpey, Kato, Fimo, etc.), acrylic paints, pastels, mica powders, crystals, gems, stones, and charms. If I paint or add special coatings on a piece, they do get sealed with varnish.

    Are you on Social Media?

    Yes! I have an Instagram listed on the main page here, as well as a Facebook group where I post behind the scenes, specials, and it also serves as the buy/sell/trade.

    I'm international. Can I order and will I have any other fees?

    I welcome international orders but do warn that shipping prices have risen dramatically the past few years. Imported goods also have to go through your customs department and are subject to customs fees. These fees are taxes decided and collected by your government, and I have no control over these. Some places have insane fees, so you might want to look into it before ordering. :(

    I'm international. Can you mark the package as a gift and/or lower the value so I can avoid said customs fees?

    Simply put, no. This is mail fraud, and the resulting penalties are quite extensive; up to $10,000 fine and/or 5 years imprisonment.

    (13 U.S.C. § 305 : US Code - Section 305: Penalties for unlawful export information)

      My piece has broken or is damaged, what can be done?

      If a piece has broken due to an accident, I am happy to fix it for a small fee (you must also cover shipping costs both ways).
      If a piece has broken due to craftmanship, I will cover shipping both ways and fix it for free. 

      Please contact me at



      I accept Paypal, credit and debit cards payments.

      Payments must be made in full, being totally cleared before items are shipped. If you have any issues with checkout, please don't hesitate to contact me.


      I ship only to the address provided in checkout, so please make sure this info is correct BEFORE checkout, to insure you get your items delivered properly. If you have made an error, contact me as soon as possible.

      RETURNED MAIL- If anything is returned to me due to no fault of my own (returned to sender, address change/unknown) and no contact is made, I will refund and resell the item.

      Items are neatly mailed in a sturdy box with paper packing materials/wrappings to be as secure as possible but also eco friendly. I will, however, use bubble wrap for larger and/or fragile pieces. I do not include receipts unless requested.

      All items are shipped with tracking and insured, within the US. International customers may use their customs number to partially track their orders. All numbers can be entered in on the USPS website to track.


      If you are unhappy for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

      In most cases I do not accept returns or exchanges but will base by case, so do email if needed!

      If items are lost or damaged in transit, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible. The earlier the better when dealing with claims. If too much time has passed, I may decline a refund. Damaged items must be sent back in their original packaging with all parts included for a refund. Total will be refunded (minus any taxes).


      These are intended for adult collectors, but certain items (clippables) may be used by children with supervision/care. These are NOT meant as toys or for small children. Please take care when gift giving. Polymer clay is extremely sturdy but is not invincible, and much of my art does also include small attachments which may become a choking hazard if broken or detached.


      NOTE: These are all handmade so may have signs of being made by hand, i.e. partial prints, small marks, etc. I do my best to try to smooth things out as much as possible.

        You can contact me with any other questions:

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